My Style the Mind business supplies Journals, Notebooks, Food Diaries, Desk Pads and Planners.

My Style the Mind products include, weightloss /health journals, food diaries, anxiety journals, Christmas planner,  multiple notebooks, desk pads – including shopping lists, holiday packing, daily tasks, weekly planner to do lists.

I started journaling when I was on my own weight loss journey in April 2022. I never understood the individual benefits of journaling and what it gives to ones self until I started incorporating it into my daily life, instead of making it a hobby, I started to make it a habit.

The prompted weight loss/ health journal has aided me in my weight loss goals and achievement’s in losing six stone in weight. I created the anxiety Journal as we all suffer anxiety from time to time and this journal is great to help you overcome and support you in managing it. The anxiety journal has improved my own mental health and self awareness.

Realising how much journaling and planning can help improve the way you live your life, not only keeping you organised with a busy lifestyle, it allows you to set goals and intentions, relieves stress and gain personal development.

I hope you develop the same love for journaling as I have!